Simplified Clinical AI

So you can focus on healthcare.

Make the future of healthcare happen now.

It’s time to unlock the power of artificial intelligence to make your work more efficient. Our software eliminates the need to hire a programmer and makes building an AI accessible to any healthcare worker.

Why AviateAI is the right fit for you?

  • Build AIs the way you want. While there are a lot of ways to build software, only you know what is best for your workflow.
  • In house development means increased security and efficiency - no need to coordinate across institutions.
  • Pricing transparency and no need for specialists means a more manageable budget.

What sets AviateAI apart.


Data collection made easy.

Next generation technology to empower your practice.


No programmers needed.

AviateAI fills all your data engineering needs.


User-friendly interface.

Our software is intuitive and makes it as easy as drag and drop.

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